Lace Charms Silver

Lace Charms Silver


Cleo B Lace Charms are the ultimate jewellery for sneakers and shoes. Scattered over your laces the small jewels create an eye-catching sparkle when they catch the light. Attach the charms by threading your laces through the holes and lace up as usual. Ideal for adding some decoration to your gym sneakers.

A set of six geometric shaped charms contains 2 circles, 2 squares and 2 triangles.
Available in a single colour set in Crystal/ Lavender/ Light Sapphire or a multi colour set containing all three colours.

To avoid tarnishing your lace charms, make sure they remain dry and dirt free after wear. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.  They are treated with a clear lacquer to protect your shoes and laces from marks.

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