My Top Six Podcasts


I’m getting more and more in to listening to podcasts these days. They’re amazing for expanding my horizons and learning about people and areas I wouldn’t necessarily have come across before. Plus, they’re a great source of inspiration for my own personal growth. They spark my interest and intrigue and above all, podcasts offer pure entertainment and escapism. Not to mention, they’re so accessible meaning I can listen to them in the gym, when travelling, when I’m in the studio …what’s not to love about podcasts?  

Here’s my top six!

the high low.jpg

The High Low

A news and pop culture podcast hosted by journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton.  From listening to this podcast every week, it’s dawned on me what a great representation Pandora and Dolly are of this important generation of young women. Growing up I found that girls are not necessarily encouraged to cultivate compassionate arguments when it comes to politics or current affairs. Additionally, current affairs can seem inaccessible and finding an avenue to express your opinions can be challenging. Dolly and Pandora challenge this perception through their well balanced and realistic opinions, with episodes that always strike the perfect balance between informative and entertaining.  The High Low is a wonderful and accessible current affairs portal, ideal for busy young women who want to cultivate their own voice. Give it a listen! 

happy place.jpg

happy place

Anything that grants open and honest access to amazing people gets my vote.  Happy Place podcast is Fearne Cotton’s portal in to the lives and minds of some inspirational individuals that have made changes to their life or offer alternative ways at looking at life. Via the podcast, Fearne raises awareness of mental health topics …. a subject so incredibly important, helping to shift the taboo that still surrounds talking openly about our mental health. It’s a wonderful source of inspiration for finding your happy place.

adam buxton.jpeg

the adam buxton podcast

Well what can I say?  This man makes me laugh out loud …. I can't get enough of his impression of his dog! He’s basically funny and weird, which I love! But he’s also a fantastic interviewer who makes his guests really open up, meaning I get a boundless insight into people who I don't come across usually, like new comedians, actors, directors and musicians. I consider Adam Buxton king of the podcast!

desert island discs.jpeg

desert island discs

This BBC institution has me hooked, because I always finish listening with a new 'life lesson' or a different perspective on things. I find out about the lives of people I would never have come across otherwise from all aspects of public life including politics, entertainment, the Arts, music, science and sport. Plus, presenter Kirsty Young’s Scottish lilt is
a joy to listen too!

love stories.jpg

love stories with dolly alderton

There I’ve said it …. I am a massive romantic at heart! This podcast is full of fascinating and insightful stories of love and relationships, not just romantic love, but friendships too. I don't think true friendships are celebrated enough, but on here they are.  Dolly’s guests talk about their most defining relationships, the passion, longing and heartbreak they’ve experienced which has helped shape who they are today.  It always surprises me how different each interviewee's experience of and outlook on love and relationships is.
You can read more about it in Dolly’s book
Everything I Know About Love, which I’ve reviewed in a previous journal post.


feel better.jpg

feel better live more with dr chatterjee

This podcast is focused around Lifestyle Medicine. Since moving away from London and having a huge change of lifestyle this is something that has interested me more and more. The fact that we can heal our mind and bodies by implementing simple lifestyle changes, rather than resorting to medication and treatments, seems so obvious. Yet it's not something that doctors are traditionally taught to prescribe. The podcast welcomes the world's experts on health and wellness to offer their insight in to a healthier lifestyle, changing we way we eat, sleep and move. Empowering us to live healthy, to live happy.