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My week at Bolesworth International Horse Show

This year's Bolesworth International Horse Show was definitely one for the memory banks. I'm still buzzing from such a fabulous week. Not only did I host my very own art shop selling my art and accessories in the amazing shopping village, but I thoroughly embraced all that Bolesworth had to offer.

New for this year was Club Boles with it's amazing Ibiza night and Rik Parfitt Junior and the RPJ band performing, which drew huge crowds. Lots of fun was also to be had in the Prosecco bar located next to the main Castle arena.

Bolesworth International is now in it's eleventh year and this year there was even more top level, world class dressage with elite stars such as Charlotte Dujardin CBE and
Carl Hester MBE.

Other highlights for me were the Ride and Drive with Bentley Motors. Great fun at the pre-show cocktail party with the BBC's sports presenter, Mike Bushell. Plus having the honour of helping to choose the best outfits and hats for Ladies Day was pretty exciting.

Overall, it was an epic week of chatting to lovely people about my art work, quaffing Prosecco and dancing the night away at Club Boles. Plus seeing world class sporting events as well as soaking up the amazing atmosphere.  Can't wait for next year! 

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My Top Six Podcasts

I’m getting more and more in to listening to podcasts these days. They’re amazing for expanding my horizons and learning about people and areas I wouldn’t necessarily have come across before. Plus, they’re a great source of inspiration for my own personal growth. They spark my interest and intrigue and above all, podcasts offer pure entertainment and escapism. Not to mention, they’re so accessible meaning I can listen to them in the gym, when travelling, when I’m in the studio …what’s not to love about podcasts?  

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Favourite Quotes: A New Model by ashley graham

love Ashley Graham. She's an incredible role model to women of all ages. She promotes mental body positivity  AND a healthy, balanced lifestyle, which to me is just perfect. She's all about developing a love for yourself and prioritising your own wellbeing. She does not conform to the social and industry norms and pressures regarding body image. Finally!

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Book Review: The Wife

The phrase ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ (a slogan from the 1960/70s feminist movement) sums up this story entirely. Whereas this saying sounds somewhat outdated today, The Wife provides a vivid account of the professional power men had over women in mid-late 20th century, in turn highlighting just how far we have come.

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Book Review: Everything I Know About Love

Since I’m only a few years older than Dolly, and similarly lived out my twenties in London, making friends and producing exes, the book appealed to me immediately.  I wondered if it was going to be a tragic mocking of singledom and useless men. Surely not, I thought, I expected more from Alderton, and I was not wrong. The book is a wild ride through the years of Dolly’s teens and twenties, not only chronicling her stories of dating and romantic love, but also celebrating the immense love and importance of friendships. 

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